Types of Mattresses


When it comes to selecting the ideal type of mattress, having some insight on the common types of mattresses has its inherent benefits. In other words, when you have such kind of information, you are more than likely to make an informed choice on a mattress type that suits your unique needs. It is important to note that majorities of mattress companies produce more than one type, and they can go through various types of manufacturing procedures.

Different Types of Mattresses


Pocket Sprung Mattress

These types of mattresses feature unique springs that have been sewn into the deep sections of the fabric material. While pocket sprung mattresses don’t adapt your body contour like the memory foam mattresses would, they do provide a sufficient amount of support.

Memory Foam Mattress

These are also known as memory mattress feature a topped layer of petrochemical based viscoelastic material. They can provide more functionality but tend to be highly priced than other types of mattresses. These types of mattresses will easily conform to the shape of your body, and they also feature a unique temperature regulating material that can make the bed feel warmer.

Bed sheets

Continuous Coil Mattresses and Open Coil Mattresses

These types of mattresses tend to be more affordable that the other forms of mattresses. The continuous coil comprises of beds that are made using a single looped wire, while the open coil mattresses are made using individual springs that are joined using a single wire, it looks great with a striped sheet set. However, since the springs tend to move cohesively as one unit, you movements will tend to cause a disturbance to your partner.

Latex Mattress

Latex is a common type of mattress that comprises of unique interior sections that are made up of films of flexible latex material. In most cases, these types of bed tend to be more costly but provides benefits such as resilience and comfort as well.